Making a Statement with Packaging

We may be biased, but Wood Statements might just be the most breathtakingly talented folks out there when it comes to turning wood into functional art.


So, when they asked US to help them create packaging for their sample kits, to be sent to interior designers, we were equal to the task (in addition to being super flattered)


You can check out their website here


And here are just a few pictures of the project



This is a great example of a turnkey project, because not only did we produce the litho labeled box and printed wood sample sleeves, but we designed them as well. It is a great showpiece of not only our manufacturing expertise but our creativity.


We gave the box a unique angled side with an interior designed to hold the wood samples leaning backward to improve the look and sample visibility.


The project came together to give the Wood Statements the high quality sample kit they needed to stand out in the marketplace.


We were so honored to work with these artisans.



There is no challenge that clients and prospective clients bring to us that we are unable or unwilling to tackle. We know and understand how crucial packaging is to not only the aesthetic, but also to the success of your brand. Our designers not only have talent to spare when it come to making things lok good, but their expertise when it comes to how to make PACKAGIn specifically look good AND produce the right results on the actual printing equipment is more important that you might imagine. It is important to choose a company that gets how important both looks and manufacturing constraints are to the overall result.

Check back here very soon because we are going to update this post with some thoughts directly from the fine folks at Wood Statements themselves.