Custom Branded Point of Purchase Displays

Grab Shoppers' Attention with Custom Branded Point of Purchase Displays

Your product may be the best on the market, but how are you conveying that to shoppers? The truth is most products don’t just sell themselves. In order to attract the attention of potential consumers and stand out in a retail environment, exhibition is key. Let us help you with custom branded point of purchase displays.

Custom branded point of purchase displays don’t just draw attention to your product — they also convey a message. By isolating and highlighting your brand, you are setting yourself apart from your competitors both literally and figuratively.

It’s basic psychology: we are drawn to things that are different. Visually, your standalone custom branded point of purchase floor displays will highlight your product and capture the shopper’s attention. After walking through aisle after aisle of similar items, shoppers may find that point of purchase displays direct them to just what they need, even when they thought they were done shopping. With custom branded point of purchase displays, you can enhance your brand’s visibility and take control of the customer’s first impression.

The very fact that you have set yourself apart physically is an indicator that your brand “stands alone” with regard to quality and dedication. Yours isn’t just another stapler on the shelf. It is the stapler — the only one that merits its own special space. At Packaging Design, we understand how to work with a variety of brands to help them stand out in pharmacies, department stores, and big box retail locations alike thanks to our variety of display options for products of all types:

A product display box for Spikeball. This subscription box contains Spikeball game sets, showing images of people playing Spikeball outdoors. The packaging is predominantly black and yellow, featuring the Spikeball logo prominently.
A cardboard display stand for a new studio album by "United." The background features a scenic landscape with hills at sunset. The stand, designed to double as stylish packaging, has four shelves and text highlighting the album's key tracks: "Scandal of Grace," "Relentless," "Love is War," and "A Million Suns.
A blue outlined open box with green horizontal lines to its right, resembling a stack of paper or books, forming a simplistic, abstract logo design reminiscent of packaging.

Counter Displays

Counter displays are effective for smaller products and fit perfectly next to a store’s cash register. This type of display creates the perfect “impulse buy” opportunity for the shopper.

Pallet Displays

Corrugated pallet displays are ideal for showing a variety of similar product lines or for displaying larger items that require more space. They fit on a standard 40 x 48-inch pallet and are placed directly on the floor of a big box store.

Floor Displays

Floor displays or “kiosks” are the most common type of display found in retail locations. They are placed at the ends of aisles in order to stand out in contrast to the rows of shelving, and they easily catch the shopper’s eye.


Side kicks, powerwings, or side wing displays are incredibly versatile setups designed to hang a product. They are space-efficient, lightweight, and easy to install on an end cap or next to the cash register to encourage impulse buying. These displays can include gravity fed racks, adjustable shelf displays, pocket displays, peg display stands, corrugated tier displays, and more. Because they are so efficient, they’re simple to customize based on seasonal inventory or your store’s current promotions.

Sales Kits

Sales kits are less commonly found in a retail setting but are more often used as promotional mailers. These kits are ideal for salespeople to keep their materials organized when presenting to a client. Each of our sales kits are customized to fit your product.


Corrugated cardboard cutouts are a fun and unique way to promote your product or spokesperson. Standups take up very little room and can guide the consumer to your product.

A stylized logo with an abstract design featuring blue geometric shapes forming a partial square on the left, and three ascending green horizontal bars on the right. The sharp graphics lend a modern, minimalistic look, perfect for sleek package branding.

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