Branded Retail and Specialty Packaging

Retail Packaging: You CAN Judge a Book by Its Cover

Your product is unique, and its packaging should be, too. As shoppers browse the aisles at a retail store, they are judging an item by what they can see of it. Usually, the first thing they see is the box, bag, or other type of package containing the product. Like the cover of a book or the sign on a storefront, branded retail and specialty packaging tells us as consumers what we can expect to find on the inside.

At Packaging Design Corporation, we understand that a box is more than just a box. Branded retail and specialty packaging should be informative, eye-catching, protective, and appropriate or relevant to both the product and the consumer.

Packaging Design offers customized branded retail and specialty packaging design services to ensure that your packages accurately represent the quality and function of the products they hold. Our expert team of designers will work with you to build a custom solution using our state-of-the-art graphics capabilities.

You want your product to stand out, particularly if it is being sold in a retail location where it will sit on a shelf among scores of similar items competing for consumers’ attention. Our designers have the marketing know-how, artistic skills, and industry experience necessary to create eye-catching branded retail and specialty packaging that take advantage of market trends and consumer psychology.

Red and white package of a hydraulic mechanical robot arm, labeled "T-Bot by Pitsco Education," featuring an illustration of the robotic arm.
A green and white cardboard display box with re-grip branding is shown alongside a small yellow package with the same branding. The display box features sharp graphics and an open front for easy product access, while the packaging includes simple illustrations to instruct on re-grip usage.
A blue outlined open box with green horizontal lines to its right, resembling a stack of paper or books, forming a simplistic, abstract logo design reminiscent of packaging.

Shelf Ready Branded Retail and Specialty Packaging

Retail Ready Packaging or shelf ready packaging is used to get products from case to shelf in one movement. It improves efficiency with faster product replenishment and minimal handling while increasing effectiveness of your product display. Simply put… products that come in retail ready packaging can be easily placed on the shelf without the need for unpacking or repacking. Retail ready packaging is designed to minimize this cost of time spent restocking shelves.

Specialty Packaging: Stand Out in the Crowd

You can count on us for your specialty packaging needs, as well. Specialty packaging can include a number of things that require a “different” sort of approach to package design. In other words, not all boxes are “box-shaped,” and we will work with you to build your perfect box in whatever form works best for your product.

Our specialty packaging also includes sales kits and gift boxes, which are customized to your specifications. This type of design can be challenging, but we are ready and willing to collaborate in order to create something totally unique for preserving, displaying, or shipping your product.

A stylized logo with an abstract design featuring blue geometric shapes forming a partial square on the left, and three ascending green horizontal bars on the right. The sharp graphics lend a modern, minimalistic look, perfect for sleek package branding.

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