A Conversation with the Creative Team at Wood Statements

Any time we have an opportunity to have a conversation that helps to shine a spotlight on our fantastic client partners, we jump at the chance. And The fine team at Wood Statements is exemplary and they were an absolute delight to collaborate with. Here is a brief synopsis of a conversation we had with them recently. What follows is a conversation we had with one of our amazing clients.


How did you come to choose Packaging Design for your project?

“We were looking for a company to design our sample boxes.  The first company that made us a sample version of a box had a very basic design and had no artwork.  They were also very expensive.

I contacted Packaging Design.  They created us a better design and gave us many different types of different finishes we could create artwork on.  We selected one and Packaging Design created our first sample boxes that looked nice, were functional, and at half the price of the other company.  We recently rebranded our company. We again went with Packaging Design to create us a new sample box.  We were even happier with our newest sample box design and functionality.  They are a stunning piece of marketing material that we send to potential clients and designer and architect libraries.”



What, if any, ideas, or suggestions did they make to help make the project successful?


“The creative team at Packaging Design brought many suggestions on:

Design and functionality

Box grades (adds durability and wear) and stocks available for use that would hold up to the weight of our wood samples

Artwork suggestion


Best way to fold the boxes”


What was the BEST thing about working with Packaging Design?

“Customer service and professionalism that allowed us to get exactly the sample box we wanted in a timely manner.  They quickly turned around prototypes.  They got the files to our marketing team to create artwork.  They did a sample box with artwork and made suggestions.  They ordered our dies and box stock and put us on the schedule for production.  They delivered our boxes as soon as they were done.”


In summary:

“We will definitely use Packaging Design in the future for our sample box needs.  They provided us with excellent customer service to get us the sample boxes we envisioned.  They made the process of designing and manufacturing the boxes easy for us.  We are very fortune to have a great relationship with this company and their staff. The boxes are of excellent quality and look awesome!”

We feel exactly the same way about you, Wood Statements! Here’s to a long and creative partnership.