E-Commerce Packaging

E-commerce packaging is critical, it encompasses everything from the materials and design, to how functional the packaging is for shipping products to customers, not to mention the customer experience when they open it. In the competitive e-commerce market where customer experience is everything, e-commerce packaging creates brand perception and repeat business.

Here are best practices you should consider. 

Best Practice #1

E-commerce packaging is crucial and plays a role in safely moving your product from warehouse to doorstep. Damaged products can harm the brand image and your bottom line. That is why ensuring your product arrives in perfect condition to your customers is crucial.

Depending on the product, you’ll need to right-size your packaging, incorporate any inserts, and select the most appropriate board grade. All while taking into consideration any special needs of your product.

Best Practice #2

Great e-commerce packaging leverages the unboxing experience to tell a compelling story. Think, you only have one time to make a great first impressions. Custom boxes are fantastic for this purpose! f you truly “WOW” them, they will share their unboxing experience on social media. Word of mouth marketing is a powerful thing. A great way to make their unboxing experience unique is by using the proper graphics on the carton itself. You can produce eye-catching graphics with vibrant colors as well as include a personalized message.

Best Practice #3

No matter how great packaging or product may be, it’s inevitable that some customers will return their purchases.

Here are a few examples to streamline this process:

  • Packaging that includes return instructions
  • Prepaid return labels
  • Easy-to-open packaging

Best Practice #4

Consumer behavior and some government regulations are making sustainable packaging critical. We recommend that your brand starts to incorporate eco-friendly materials with your e-commerce packaging. Disposability is also a key factor to consider. Instructions on on how your customers can recycle and responsibly dispose of the packaging after unboxing is a great option.

custom packaging options


E-commerce packaging can play a critical role in shaping your company’s brand reputation. Effective e-commerce packaging protects the product, leverages the unboxing experience, simplifies the return process, and can provide easy recyclability or disposability.

If you’re looking to get started or need support in transforming your e-commerce packaging strategy contact one of our packaging specialists at info@pack-design.com