Club Store Pallet Displays

The Club store environment is hectic and crowded, the key is capturing the attention of the shopper and quickly communicating the value of your product. Standing out from the rest of the pack is essential to getting your product noticed and more importantly purchased.

The good thing is that your pallet display can provide plenty of surface area to brand your product, from the product tray to the pallet skirt! But be aware that you will want a different approach for your product tray than your pallet skirts.

When designing you pallet display remember to use BOLD graphics, state your products VALUE, and use the GRAPHICS to demonstrate its features and benefits.

Bold Graphics!

Pallet skirts can be viewed by the consumer from a distance and are often placed alongside other displays., so you only have seconds to be seen. This means your graphics need to be concise and bold. Be sure to use large logos and fonts to ensure your display is recognized from a distance.

Value, Value, Value! 

Since you only have a few seconds to catch your consumers attention you need state your products value in as few words as possible. What makes your product so unique that they simply can’t not purchase it? Make sure this value statement is clear, concise, and highly visible on your club store display.


Demonstrate Features and Benefits! 

If you feel that your product requires a bit of education, skip the lengthy bullet points and use simple icons to demonstrate each benefit.

Communicating value is a game of speed and precision for club store pallet displays. Following these guidelines will ensure your product stands out and is easily recognized by consumers.

For further information or assistance in developing your next pallet display, reach out to the experts at Packaging Design Corporation at 630-323-1354 or! Our team of structural designers and packaging experts are here to help.