Time to update your Brand with Custom Boxes

What Are Custom Boxes?

When it comes to corrugated packaging, custom boxes are designed specifically for your product and custom printed to reflect your unique brand. More than just a brown box, custom boxes serve as ambassadors, showcasing your brand’s distinct identity and differentiating your product from competitors.

Unlike their mass-produced counterparts, custom boxes offer a range of advantages that will benefit your brand!

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How Much Do Custom Boxes Cost?

First thing to realize is that custom boxes may appear to cost more than stock boxes if you are simply comparing the per unit cost. But you must consider the total cost of ownership.

While stock boxes are cheap but are typically oversized for the item being shipped since they are not custom designed. Because of this, they often require the purchase and use of a protective void fill. As a result, you may pay steeper shipping costs because of the larger box size. Stock boxes can lead to a higher rate of damaged products because they lack a tailored fit. Therefore, the cost of damaged goods replacement must also be factored in. Add in the incorrect size and additional filler your pack-out process may be costing you more in labor dollars and time.

That said, opting for a custom packaging program often proves to be less expensive overall.

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Why Should I Use Custom Boxes?

Investing in custom boxes is more than an expense; it’s a marketing decision that will yield considerable benefits and return on investment for brands.

Here are 4 key benefits of custom corrugated boxes:

1. Enhanced Product Protection

Damaged products are not only costly but can erode customer satisfaction and loyalty. Think of the direct financial cost of replacing, repacking, and re-shipping a product, the indirect cost associated with customer dissatisfaction, and the environmental cost of consuming additional materials and fuel to repack and ship a replacement product.

Custom boxes will minimize this risk and save money by reducing or eliminating the costs associated with damages. Their custom fit and format are designed specifically for your product, accounting for its weight, dimensions, and transit journey. Our structural designer will consider the optimal material qualities needed to maximize product protection and shipping efficiencies.

2. A Better Brand Experience

Custom boxes serve as a powerful tool for marketing and branding. They are used to clearly communicate your brand’s story, values, and personality at the point of purchase. Custom boxes can provide full-color print and can make a long lasting impression on your target audience.

Remember shopper psychology says that packaging influences a consumers perceptions and fosters brand recognition and recall. The visual and tactile elements of packaging evoke emotional responses, shaping consumers’ expectations and attitudes toward a product. Consider the stark contrast when receiving a plain brown box compared to a thoughtfully branded custom printed box. There’s nothing like a good first impression!

3. An Improved Consumer Experience

Not only are custom boxes good investments for marketing before the sale but create a great unboxing experience. A custom box will garner earned social media attention when customers share images or video of their packaging and unboxing experience on social media. Satisfaction can spread quickly and create word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Promoting Sustainability

Consumers today value sustainability. And corrugated boxes are made from renewable resources, including post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials, as well as responsibly harvested wood. A good structural designer can use fewer materials and eliminate the need for void fills, making them an eco-friendly choice.


eCommerce Packaging Terms Explained

Upgrade to Custom Boxes today!

Custom boxes yields significant benefits and advantages for brands. Beyond the added advantage of promoting your brand with custom printed designs, custom boxes protect your product and saves money and time throughout the shipping process.

If you are ready or have questions please reach out to one of our packaging specialists, info@pack-design.com today.