Packaging Redesign – Is It Time?

Are you new to branded packaging or considering a packaging redesign?  There are many factors to consider in order to ensure that you are getting the most effective packaging for your money.  Some of these factors are discussed below.


Things to consider when approaching new or redesigned product packaging:

  • Up to date brand message – Whether you are new to branded packaging or ready for an update, you want to consider very carefully what you want your branding to convey to your customer. Is your message clearly conveyed by your choice of graphics and/or text?  Can your brand message be conveyed by the use of 1,2, or 3 colors (flexo printing, How Your Packaging is Made – Flexo Printing on Corrugated | Packaging Design Corporation) or do you require a more intricate or photographic type look (lithographic labels, How Your Packaging is Made: Lithographic Labels on Corrugated | Packaging Design Corporation)?  These choices will effect your packaging cost as well as its impact on your customers.
  • Unboxing experience you want for customers – While working towards new or redesigned packaging make sure to consider the way you want your product presented to your customers. Unboxing is a huge opportunity to present your brand and make a lasting impression on your customer.  Is inside print a good option for you?  In order to have your products held firmly in place with every shipment and ensure a consistent and orderly presentation, a corrugated insert may be the best choice for you.  Remember that corrugated inserts aren’t necessarily ugly, they can be printed with your brand color or even with text if desired.  Often such inserts save time and money over the use of loose void fill.
  • Most common sales item or combination – It is important to get the most “bang for your buck” by first considering branded packaging for your highest volume item or a combination of items.
  • Product protection – Of course in order to have a successful shipment and the best possible customer experience, your product must arrive intact. Consider your product protection needs.  Is your product fragile?  Is there potential for breakage, leakage, or denting?  Here again corrugated inserts come into play as they can be designed to constrain and cushion fragilSimplify Your Processes with Printed Mailers in Napervillee items while sometimes eliminating the use of more expensive and less green protection such as foam.
  • Shipping method size constraints – Be sure to investigate shipping constraints such as size and/or weight price breaks. Often with those constraints identified it will be possible to keep your packaging within the most reasonable shipping cost category.
  • Right Sizing Packaging – It is always best to go with packaging that is custom sized for your product. This eliminates or cuts down the use of void fill, conveying the greenest possible image to your customer, and insuring you pay the minimum shipping cost.


All of these factors are important when considering new or redesigned product packaging.  With so much to think about you may want to turn to a professional packaging partner such as Packaging Design Corporation.  We offer design services as well as manufacturing your completed branded packaging.  See our website for galleries of our work as well as case studies from our successful partnerships with many different customers.