Corrugated Inserts – The “Green” Alternative to Void Fill and Bubble Wrap

There are many reasons to consider replacing your void fill or bubble wrap inner packing with a corrugated insert.  Perhaps the most important reason of all is customer perception.  Nobody likes to open a package and have a void fill mess on their hands.  In addition, the various types of bubble wrap are not easily recyclable and so are not a “planet friendly” or “green” packaging option.  Even presentation can be a customer perception issue as void fill may allow the product to shift out of place during shipment, sometimes even creating damage.  Some of the advantages corrugated inserts can offer are:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Superior Presentation
  • Superior Product Protection
  • Material Cost Savings
  • Fulfillment Cost Savings

Corrugated inserts are completely recyclable along with the corrugated mailers or shipping cartons they arrive in.  This makes them the ultimate “green” alternative to void fill.

In order to provide a product presentation which is superior to void fill and/or bubble wrap, corrugated inserts are designed to arrange, display, and restrain various sizes, shapes, and configurations of product.  Corrugated inserts provide a much cleaner presentation and are created specifically for your product.

In many cases, corrugated inserts can provide product protection superior to the use of void fill.  Because the product is physically restrained from movement during shipment there is less possibility of product damage.  Corrugated inserts can be designed to provide air space cushioning as needed.

Loose void fill and bubble wrap are not inexpensive.  Often times corrugated inserts can be a lower cost alternative, depending on the size and design.  Additionally, the use of corrugated inserts often provides cost savings at the fulfillment level over the use of bubble wrap.  Although corrugated inserts generally require assembly, if designed appropriately, fulfillment time can be minimized and comparable to if not better than wrapping the product in bubble wrap.

Here at Packaging Design Corporation we have many years of expertise in the design of corrugated inserts.  We can help you minimize material and fulfillment costs while maximizing your product protection.  All of this while creating an excellent customer unboxing experience with superior product presentation.  Additionally, you will be able to market your packaging as 100% recyclable!  Please check out our website ( for case studies and photos of our entire range of corrugated designs.