Impact – Yours, Mine and Ours

Because we view ourselves as stewards of the environment as well as good neighbors and friends, we will never stop caring about the impact our work has on you. We will continue to innovate and find better ways to get your products where they need to be in a way that has the least impact on the earth.

Corrugated board packaging is a high-performance packaging material designed to pack, protect, and promote products. The rising inclination of consumers toward lightweight, convenient product packaging has compelled the packaging industry to offer corrugated board packaging solutions with an aim to tap the organized retail sector and meet the growing customers’ demands. As corrugated board is bio-based, biodegradable, and recyclable, the demand for these boards is expected to register a substantial growth rate.

Packaging box manufacturers are taking measures to reduce the weight of the packaging provided, and adopting corrugated boxes. Leading retailers, such as Walmart, have also outlined aggressive sustainable packaging goals at the World Economic Forum, to work toward using 100% reusable or compostable packaging, by 2025 or earlier. These initiatives are projected to offer ample opportunities for the growth of the corrugated board packaging market, over the forecast period. However, issues related to volatile raw material prices are estimated to challenge the growth of the market studied.

Changing consumer dynamics regarding environmental concerns positively impact the demand for the corrugated board packaging in the global market. Owing to rapid urbanization and the adoption of new lifestyle trends and food habits, the demand for processed foods is increasing, which, in turn, is increasing the need to provide high-quality foods to customers. As corrugated board packaging keeps moisture away from products and has the ability to withstand long shipping times, this packaging is increasingly being adopted by companies, to offer better outcomes to customers.

Corrugated boxes have been found to be a superior choice for packaging of fresh food. A 2016 study by the University of Bologna indicated that corrugated board keeps food fresh up to three days longer, by reducing contamination, thus driving the adoption of corrugated board for packaging process. Moreover, FEFCO/ESBO International Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) Standard has also confirmed that corrugated board products satisfy all requirements of the food industry, in terms of quality, safety, and hygiene.

The future looks bright for corrugated packaging. We join with the creators and the manufacturers of products across this country to help ensure that we lead with innovation and always have an eye on sustainability and protecting the earth.