White Hot: The Look That’s Hard to Get Right

You know we love a good pop culture reference, so we couldn’t let a discussion of “hot” go by without mentioning Mugatu. Especially as it pertains to white ink on corrugated packaging.

White ink on corrugated packaging is so hot right now.

And there are good reasons for that.

  •                 It looks clean
  •                 It looks refined
  •                 It can help your product stand out

It can convey a natural look and feel, it can be great for gift boxes, and it is used by a lot of upscale brands.

As more companies jump on this bandwagon, however, one thing is clear.

It’s not that easy to do it well.

And there are a few reasons for that.

  •                 Kraft coloring is strong and can show through
  •                 Kraft paper is porous and can change the look and feel of your original design
  •                 It can be hard to make logos and graphics pop the way you might want them to

Factors like the quality and opacity of the ink that your printer use will absolutely affect your outcome. It is crucial that you chose someone who has experience and expertise in this area. As you can see from this small sampling of projects, we are THE experts at delivering the best possible outcomes with oh so tricky white ink.

Please reach out to us when you are ready to talk about how we can help you master this hot trend for your brand.