When should I use custom packaging and how can Packaging Design help?

Your subscription box business is off and running, the big question is when/ how should you move to a custom mailer? Perhaps you have been sending out a plain kraft or white mailer, maybe even using a stamp or sticker to market your brand on the box. When, how, and even why should you move to a custom mailer?

Volume is often the first question to ask. Are you ordering 25-50 mailers a month or more like 500-1,000? If the volume is over 500, it could be a good time to customize your packaging. Smaller quantities could be accomplished via digital printing but a true custom flexo or litho label mailer should wait until volumes hit 500-1,000 or more.

Why? Well that is a little harder. How important is your brand recognition? Does the un-boxing experience your customer is experiencing match your brand? How important is it that your brand is seen throughout shipping or while waiting on the front porch? Do you want it to stand out against all the other plain kraft/ brown or white mailers? IF these are important to you, now may be the time to look at a custom mailer.

How do I start the process? This is the easiest step, call us! We can help you design not only the mailer but any inserts needed to hold your products properly and create the best overall un-boxing experience for your customer. We will assist you from start to finish with design, sampling, testing to ensure your mailer matches your brand.

Reach out to us today! info@pack-design.com or 630-323-1354.