Instore Display Considerations

When it is time to place your product in a store, there are many factors to consider.

  1. In what type of store will you be placing your display?
    1. Convenience Store
    2. Gas Station
    3. Hardware/ Garden
    4. Club Store
    5. Drug Store

Each of these stores have their own advantages and requirements. It is important to find a display house that understands not only your needs but the requirements of the retail outlet.

Once this is decided, consider the type of display you want. Floor display, Counter Display, Powerwing, Gravity Feed, End Cap, Pallet Display (1/4, 1/2, Full)? Depending on your products size, weight, and category, your display vendor can assist in determining which style is best, taking into account not only your needs but the conditions of the retail outlet.

Now to the big decisions! How many will you be producing? Keeping in mind that style, quantity, and graphic wishes all play a part in price. And of course this effects your projects budget. There are several options when it comes to graphics: Full Litho, Spot Litho, direct flexo print, full coverage, 1,2,3,or 4 color print. Each part of the display can be produced with a different method, allowing you to stay within budget, while allowing you the look your brand demands. Be sure to discuss these with your vendor early in the process. Doing so will allow the structural designer to create the style that best suits your overall display needs.

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