Box Maker Certificate (BMC) / Cert Stamp

What is a Cert Stamp? What can it tell you about the box you are using or need to order?

On every carton (mostly on one of the bottom flaps) you will find an interesting little circle or sometimes a square that has a bunch of numbers, etc. on it. What is it and what information is on it? This is called a Cert Stamp and appear on all shipping cartons. It will tell  you the following things:

  1. Box Manufacturer – Who made it and where they are located.
  2. Board Construction – this is the thickness of the material. Single-wall, double-wall, or triple-wall.
  3. Bursting Strength or Edge Crust Test – Either the boxes resistance to having its wall punctured (Mullen) or its vertical compression strength (ECT).
  4. Minimum Combined Weight Facing –  This is the total weight of the manufacturers liners before it is converted into a box.
  5. Size Limit – This is the total sum of the outside dimensions.
  6. Gross Weight Limit – The maximum weight limit of this box including its contents.

When creating a new carton these factors come into play to ensure the product arrives at its destination safely and undamaged. Or when looking to have a current carton redesigned or quoted, this information is a critical place to start. Please let us know if we can help design, redesign, or quote a carton for you!