Have you ever had a conversation with your corrugated provider and they asked, “What Flute?” What are they talking about? Simply put, it refers to the waving material between the liners. There are 5 main flutes of varying size and each has a different use. So, depending on the carton style, size, and print requirements, different flutes may be used. The most commonly used flutes are E, B, C, and double-wall, typically BC.

Since E is the smallest it is often used for small sized cartons or cartons that require intricate flexo printing. B flute is used most often with mailer style cartons or small boxes. Since the fluting is small it helps the carton fold easier. If you are litho labeling a carton, the best flutes to use are E or B flute. With a smaller flute profile the label will adhere to the corrugated better and will show less flute lines on the finished product. The shipping boxes, C flute is the favorite since it provides good structural strength and is good for flexo printing. When you are shipping a heavy item or need extra protection BC is the best options.

Depending on your needs you now know which flute to choose. We are always here to help! info@pack-design.com