Crushed boxes and product?

Are your shipping boxes failing during transit? Is your product being damaged during delivery? There can be several reasons for that and various actions you can take to reduce or eliminate this.


Things that can cause crushing are:

  1. Storage time, the longer your box stays in a warehouse the weaker it will become. 2) Relative humidity, remember this is paper. The more humid the environment you are storing your boxes in the weaker it will become. 3) Pallet pattern, are the boxes stacked corner to corner or interlocking? Corners are the strongest part of your box. 4) Overhang on pallet, if the cartons are overhanging the bottom box has no support and can fail. 5) Excessive handing, the more the carton is handled the weaker it can become.

Things you can do to improve or eliminate damage:

  1. Use stronger liners or mediums, you do not have to completely change the board grade you are using. A simple upgrade may help with minimal cost. 2) Load sharing, the product itself can support the box. If you have a void between the product and the top of the carton, you can see failure or damage. Let the product help. 3) Improve the palletizing. Add a slip sheet to increase support or change the stacking pattern to eliminate overhang. 4) Change the corrugation direction, be sure the corrugation direction is running from the bottom of the box to the top. If it is not, you should change the corrugation direction. It will increase the stacking strength. 5) Move to a stronger corrugation. The cost to do so will be worth the reduction in damage and returned product costs. 6) Add partitions, inserts, or internal packaging. Again, there will be a slight increase in cost however, if it reduces the cost of damaged product or return costs it might be worth it. 7) Lastly, change the dimensions. Rule of thumb is deeper is cheaper. Stack the product in the box, this will reduce the height of the stack on the pallet which will demand less cartons as well as less material cost.

These are all easy solutions and one that our sales consultants can assist you with. If you are experiencing any of these issues, please reach out to us at