Case Study: Creative Service, Unmatched Quality, and Some MUSCLE

We know how important service is, especially as the holidays approach, probably faster than any of us is ready for. Packaging Design was approached by Milwaukee Muscle to create gift set packaging for their product. And Packaging Design was ready to put some muscle into a solution!


The product: Ceramic Infused Products for Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles.  Specifically, the current gift set contains, 1 spray bottle of Premium Wax, 1 jug of Premium Wash, and 1 spray bottle of Interior Detailer.


The Company: The Powerhouse of Automotive Care Technology, Milwaukee Muscle is Owned by a motorcycle enthusiast who grew up building bikes in his family’s garage.  The Milwaukee Muscle team wanted to make sure that their premium product would arrive in the hands of the customer in the pristine condition it left the shop.


The Challenge: Milwaukee Muscle needed to Protect and hold their product in place during shipment while maintaining a good visual presentation when the box is opened.  The additional challenge was to create packaging that is easy for the fulfillment team to work with as well as make it easy for the end customer to extract the product.


The Solution: Packaging Design created a custom sized box and a corrugated insert which protects the different components of the gift set, preventing them from moving and being damaged during shipment. While the insert design protects the product, it also allows full visibility of the product components when the box is opened.




The Service – Our design and sales team collaborated with the client to ensure that the clients ‘product protection needs as well as their vision for presentation of their gift set in the e-commerce market were met.



The Quality –, Focusing on product presentation, protection, and simplicity of use, Packaging Design was able to deliver a package which met the needs of Milwaukee Muscle and is sure to impress their customers as well.


Packaging Design loves a good challenge. We were honored to be chosen to partner with Milwaukee Muscle, and we are excited about the possibility of helping you to create a customized packaging solution that meets your unique needs.