Who Cares About How Cool Your Packaging Design Is? Millennials, That’s Who!


What generation(s) are your customers? Millennial, Gen X, Boomers, Gen Z?

We have no intention of getting into a big debate about which generation is the best. We all know it’s Gen X. (Kidding, not kidding)

But do a quick google search about generational marketing, and you will see no fewer than 14 MILLION results.

So, generations matter and the largest living adult generation, as of 2019, are Millennial. For the purposes of this discussion, the Millennial generation are between the ages of 26 and 40, give or take, as of February of 2021. Millennials make up a huge percentage of consumers and have immense buying power, in fact it was estimated that millennials spent $1.4 trillion in 2020.

Understanding the preferences of the Millennial generation matters. Knowing what they care about, what attracts them, and how they make decisions can be the crucial difference between wild success and mediocre sales results.

It is no surprise to anyone that the retail channel of choice for Millennials is online. Further, Millennials have extremely specific opinions about a product’s quality based on its packaging alone. Almost 70% of Millennials make this quality association, as compared to only 40% for older generations. We’ll say that again. 70% of people that make up the largest segment of the population care about what the packaging LOOKS LIKE as much if not more than what the package CONTAINS. This has led marketers and product developers to focus on finding quality designed shipping boxes and packaging, in much the same way store designers create merchandisers and retail shelf packaging.

Where does that leave you regarding your current packaging design plans? The good news is that it leaves you with a lot of options. Not the least of those is that you partner with a company that is steeped in the experience of marrying great design with manufacturing aspects that deliver impact.

Whether you have been thinking of adding color, interior printing, or a different shape and look all together, Packaging Design is ready to help you deliver an aesthetic experience and a memorable unboxing that even the most discerning generations will swoon over.