The Branding Tool You Didn’t Know You Had

We love it when our clients blow our minds. Especially in areas like creative branding usage. Like, we really love it. And when we saw the artwork for The Just Like Me Book Box, we were stoked.

Not only does this amazing company provide the most amazing mission: “Fun and engaging books that promote self-love, self- discovery and a love for reading.

Mixed activities to inspire independent and creative play. Including family fun ideas because time spent together can lead to the best adventures of all.”


You can check out their website here to learn more about this inspirational company.


A monthly subscription box with 2-3 children’s books featuring characters of color plus fun book swag? Yes please.

We could not love this message more, because we know that starting kids early on the journey of loving books will create lifelong lovers of books and literacy.

But it was what JLM decided to do with the INSIDE of the box that really inspired us on a whole other level.


JLM built a referral and social media platform with simple easy to follow instruction onto the inside of the box where you just cannot help but see it and engage with it.

So not only does the customer find out how to get free books just by telling their friends, but it also provides them with an easy way to share their journey with JLM books on social media.

This is a win for everyone. The company gets brand awareness and loyalty, and the customer gets the incentive to share and become a brand ambassador for a product they can feel SO good about.

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We can’t wait to share our expertise with you and help  you realize your dreams and aspirations for the amazing products that you create.