What is SUBTA and Why Should You Care?

Trade associations are a crucial partner for all kinds of industries and business segments here in the states and around the world.

And the SUBTA is no exception.

The Subscription Trade Association promises to help you grow your knowledge and network by joining the world’s largest community of subscription innovators.

As a trusted corrugated packaging supplier, we are proud to be associated with many of the members of this community which is dedicated to subscription service providers and their vendors and other resources.

So, what can you gain by joining SUBTA?

Exclusive interviews – Hear the do’s and don’ts of launching, growing, and scaling a subscription brand from the industry insiders who have done it themselves. With interviews from top brands like IPSY, My Subscription Addiction, POPSUGAR and beyond, SUBTA helps you stay updated on the latest industry trends.

Industry Insights – You can gain valuable knowledge from subscription experts through a video library, up-to-date industry news and exclusive resources. Filled with actionable insights, these tools can help take your subscription to the next level.

News – Whether it is legislative issues, innovations, or new trends, the SUBTA news section will keep you up-to-the-minute in what is going on in the ever-changing industry.

Resources – If you seek suppliers to improve your supply chain, or you seek input on platforms that fit your needs, the resource section has plenty to keep you informed and helps you make good business decisions.


Live Events – Nothing will ever replace the opportunity to gather in person to share best practices, network, and even commiserate with others who understand your challenges and triumphs in a way that others cannot. Programming that is relevant and educational, and even the chance to just kick back and get to know colleagues and even competitors a bit better is good for your soul and that of your company.

Discounts – According to their website, SUBTA can help you “increase revenue and efficiencies at your subscription with the support of new suppliers. Our resource partners provide dozens of exclusive discounts designed just for SUBTA members.”  Sounds like a huge advantage!


Consider checking out the SUBTA. With information, resources, networking, supply chain support and discounts, it could be a great investment for the growth of your brand.