What Do You Need? Quicker Speed to Market for POS Displays!

When a brand creates a new product today and wants to get it in the hands of customers FAST, there is a lot to consider. In addition to the manufacturing and logistics issues there are issues such as where the product will be sold, how it will get there, and how it will be displayed.



When every second counts, many brands are increasingly turning to corrugated displays to get the product where it needs to be, fast.

And that’s for a number of  good reasons.

  • Corrugated displays are quicker to Produce than Permanent wood or metal displays. They can be less expensive and lightweight as well.
  • Corrugated packaging can often ship flat and is MUCH easier to set up in stores, even by store personnel with little or no experience in display assembly.
  • Because of the lower cost, arriving at a profitable ROI comes much quicker than permanent displays.
  • Corrugated displays also leave a lot of room for flexibility. Changing out a header card, pricing label or even adding a mechanical element are much simpler, faster and more cost effective.

Why is it so important for brands to be able to react quickly and get product to market faster than ever before?

Consumer behavior is changing – and FAST. It may have started with the pandemic, but we have no way of knowing when or even IF previous habits will return. For example, if a certain sector of adults were used to making their alcohol purchasing decision in bars and restaurants, guess where they have been making them since March,2020?

The GROCERY STORE. And other retail outlets. Being able to meet your customers where they are, with messaging that sticks, and even being able to offer them promotional items and branded swag to increase loyalty. You can build giveaways and cross branding opportunities locally. You can also use audio or video or QR codes for enhanced engagement.

Corrugated displays can get you all of that. And QUICKLY.



Environmental Responsibility

Three Cheers for Corrugated Displays!