Hey Newbie! We Got You!

Whether you just got a new job, a new role, or started a new company, this post is for you. It would be no surprise to learn that there are new actors entering the packaging market every month.  Subscription packaging as a business model has seen meteoric growth over the past 5 years and predictions are that there is no slowdown in the works.


So, if you are new to the packaging world, first – WELCOME. While there is a lot to learn, know that you’re surrounded by and supported by many suppliers and subject matter experts that are here to make this as educational and productive for you as possible.  We got your back!


Here are a few things for you to consider as you get your feet wet, so to speak:

  1. Whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, there is a solution for that.

And it might not be anything you’ve ever seen in your google searches and trips to the store. So much of what you are seeing today is customized, so know that while we will ask you a ton of questions, it is all so that we make sure we get you exactly what you need, and that it is scalable as you grow or your needs change.

  1. Look at things from your customers’ and users’ perspectives.

Knowing how it will be used, for how long, and things like how it ships and how it will be displayed in the store are all things we need to know to give you the best possible options. Studies show that your product has just 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Your packaging is an important part of your product. Make a good first impression to ensure that the overall product experience is favorable for your customers.

  1. You can learn from others in the marketplace.

Look at your competitor’s packaging. How can you improve on the experience? You’ll want to differentiate the look and feel of your brand’s packaging, and make sure that your packaging is consistent with your identity and what you want the world to understand about you and your product.

  1. Your packaging is your first salesperson.

It may go without saying, but the packaging should help to sell your products. What will create the most visual interest? Which packaging will attract customers to your product—instead of your competitor’s product? What will influence them to buy your product?


Again, welcome to this exciting world of packaging and design.  You have a massive team of vendors, content creators, and manufacturers available to you to help you as you travel on this journey. We are here to help. Take us up on it and call today.