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Point of Purchase Displays near Elgin

Here at Pack-Design, point of purchase is seen as the forefront of a merchandise’s sale. Your branded items need help when it comes to standing out in a retail environment. Our point of purchase displays can be an easy way to get your product noticed. We take our custom branded packaging solutions very seriously as we focus on the quality and creativity of our solutions along with customer satisfaction. The process begins with a quote followed by a series of steps to the finish product samples. Then, our team gets to work creating a custom branded point of purchase display that is made with your product in mind for a retail environment. The point of purchase display offerings we provide can be detailed and elaborate or simply cut and folded material. Our main objective is to help you stand out from the competition and catch the eye of your consumer.

For more information on the point of purchase displays provided in Elgin through Packaging Design, please call our team today at 630-323-1354. Visitors may also get in touch with any of our helpful professionals by simply filling out the easy-to-use form found on this page!

What type of display?

Catching the shopper’s attention is the main point of a point of purchase display. We have several types of displays to choose from that may fit your particular needs, such as counter displays, corrugated pallet displays, floor displays, powerwings, e-commerce sales kit, and even standees.

Every display type carries its direct content object from the impulse buyer to the branded spokesperson cutout. The most common display is the floor display or as many know the “kiosk.” This particular display standout usually near the end of an aisle or in the middle of a row. The contrast of the display is immediately the eye-catching material for our clients. The best question is “what is the right display for your product?”

Display Purchase

A point of purchase display from Packaging Design may convince your customers to purchase your product by creating an impulse buy. Our custom displays can even help returning buyers find your product a second time as they are easier to spot and the customer expects the same location during the buying experience. Stand out from the rest! Ready to get started fill out our “Get a Quote” form today or by calling our office at 630-323-1354.
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