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Powerwing Displays in IllinoisCustomer impulse buys create significant revenue for retailers who take advantage of point of purchase displays like powerwing displays in Illinois from the packaging and retail display professionals at Packaging Design Corporation.

Powerwing, sidekick, and side wing displays are versatile and effective retail displays that are designed by talented industry professionals. Powerwing displays in Illinois retail outlets provide space-saving and lightweight, and easily installed on an end cap or near registers to encourage impulse buys.

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Affordable, Effective Powerwing Displays in Illinois

Powerwing displays designed and constructed by the team of talented designers and technicians at Packaging Design Corporation include features like

  • Gravity fed racks
  • Adjustable shelf display options
  • Pocket displays
  • Peg display stands
  • Corrugated tier displays

These efficient and effective retail product displays can be adjusted and customized for seasonal inventory or unique promotional opportunities. Powerwings will stand out in your store and draw customers to your highlighted products and spur more point of purchase impulse buys to generate more revenue and move product.

Make it easy for your customers to find your seasonal or promotional products in a stylish and easy-to-find manner. As they wait in line at your busy registers, their eyes will wander and fall on the products conveniently displayed on a powerwing display from the industry experts at Packaging Design Corporation.

Customized Powerwing Displays in Illinois Retail Outlets

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