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Simplify Your Processes with Printed Mailers in Naperville

Packaging Design Corporation is in the business of helping simplify your processes with printed mailers in Naperville, easily ship products, and professionally design your products. Printed mailers reduce fees due to their low cost. When creating printed mailers, the exterior design should tell a story and represent your business product inside. Enhancing your customer relationship with a secure mailer solution is developing trust with your customers.

Urgency, value, and display location are all critical factors when it comes to generating an impulse purchase. Let’s take into consideration a few areas: checkout area, alongside high traffic areas, and eye-catching signage. Our team will create displays featuring color schemes designed to grab your shopper’s attention. Please call 630-323-1354 or email us at info@pack-design.com for more information.

3 Reasons for Using Printed Mailers

Packaging Design Corporation offers all types of packaging solutions based on the needs of our clients. Three reasons to consider using mailers in your processes include:

  1. Branding – Stand out immediately as standard mailers come in available simple colors.
  2. Cost-effective packaging – Most mailers fit the needs of your regular post office mailing.
  3. Customer retention – Turning customers into repeat buyers based on mailing design choice.

The packaging solution that we provide to you can also help your customers recycle as our mailers are created using biodegradable material. This shows your customer that you care about other things outside of financial gain.

Simple Shipping Process

Packaging Design Corporation printed mailers are a great solution to a simple mailing process. Mailers are a simple e-commerce packaging solution as all that is needed is to place your merchandise inside and ship your product our due to the one-fold design. Quick assembly and distribution will get your product to your customer promptly.

The printed mailers we design can feature complete designs or just on specific areas on your packaging. The idea of a printed mailer can send a message to your customer and all those who see the exterior giving a branding vision. If you’re ready to simplify your process with printed mailers, contact Packaging Design now by calling 630-323-1354 to get started.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]