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Generate Impulse Buys with Custom Point of Purchase Displays in Elgin

Packaging Design Corporation can lead you in the right direction when it comes to generating impulse buys with custom point of purchase displays. Fun fact, 79% of impulse purchases occur in brick-and-mortar stores as opposed to online sales. With many options available, the point of purchase displays we offer in Elgin include options such as counter displays, floor displays, and sale kits.

Urgency, value, and display location are all critical factors when it comes to generating an impulse purchase. Let’s take into consideration a few areas: checkout area, alongside high traffic areas, and eye-catching signage. Our team will create displays featuring color schemes designed to grab your shopper’s attention. Please call 630-323-1354 or email us at info@pack-design.com for more information.

Stand Out from Competitors and Generate Impulse Buys

Point of purchase displays, like our standees a corrugated cardboard cutout, are a unique way to grab attention for a product. Using a spokesperson to represent your brand will guide a customer directly to an area based on the amount of space used. Floor displays or kiosks can be built to fit your product perfectly. Your business’s main objective is to increase brand awareness while boosting your product sales. There are also numerous other benefits to the point of purchase displays as they are low cost, easy to test, hyper-targeted areas, highlight promotions, and give extra visibility for products.

Increase Revenue with Point of Purchase Displays

Giving your customer an easy way to purchase your product will only raise your revenue. Seeing products up close and personal helps leave a lasting impression on customers. 87% of US shoppers will make an impulse buy while grocery shopping. Physiological and emotional beliefs experiences will lead to a final impulse decision.

Studies show that both happy and negative thoughts will play a role in impulse purchasing. The drive to impulse purchase is the feeling of getting a deal, instant gratification, and product placement. Placing an item in an open area draws attention, thus creating an opportunity for an impulse purchase. If you’re ready to build your point of purchase display, contact us now, or call Packaging Design today at 630-323-1354 to get started.
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