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A photo shows the sign for Packaging Design, a company specializing in custom corrugated boxes and displays with sharp graphics, featuring a logo and an address at 101 Shore Drive. A blue overlay states the company was founded in 1968 by Howard Jones and Steve Vanclay.
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Packaging Design Corporation is a leading single-source provider of custom product packaging, E-Commerce Subscription Packaging, Custom Branded Point of Purchase Displays, and display packaging. We specialize in creating customized branded packaging to help you sell your product.

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A logo with a blue and green open box icon on the left, next to the text "PACKAGING DESIGN" in green and blue. Below, in blue text, it says "Custom Corrugated Boxes and Displays" on a black background. Perfect for your next subscription box project or any packaging needs.
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The acquisition of advanced machinery and technology is core to our business. It enables PACKAGING DESIGN to offer clients the most advanced solutions—packaging that looks great and performs as expected. This video tells the history of this ongoing effort and the following is a brief list of the technology that keeps us agile in an every-changing market.

APSTAR Rotary Die Cutter

  • 4 color – 3 outside/ 1 inside
  • Maximum blank size: 63 x 110
  • Minimum blank size: 20 x 24

EMBA Flexo Folder Gluer

  • 3 color
  • Outside Die Cut attachment: For hand holes, 1,2,3 bottoms, angle fronts, etc.
  • Maximum blank size: 31 x 68 3/8 (top to bottom print area of 21”)
  • Minimum blank size: 7 x 13 ¼

Automatan Label Laminator

  • Maximum blank size: 120 x 80
  • Minimum blank size: 20 x 16

Marumatsu Flat Bed Die Cutter

  • Maximum blank size: 40 x 55
  • Minimum blank size: 12 x 21 ¾

Curioni Press

  • 2 color
  • Maximum blank size: 66 x 107
  • Minimum blank size: 15 ½ x 18
  • – Slitter Scorer
  • – Semi Automatic Taper Gluer
  • – Semi Automatic Stitcher

& Customer Satisfaction

A blue outlined open box with green horizontal lines to its right, resembling a stack of paper or books, forming a simplistic, abstract logo design reminiscent of packaging.

Since 1968

Centrally located outside of Chicago, Packaging Design is perfectly situated to serve your custom packaging fulfillment and distribution needs whether it is the Chicago land area, the Midwest, or across the country. We specialize in creating custom branded packaging that assists manufacturers in reducing their overall packaging and production costs. Our in-house design staff and high end display equipment allows us to engineer and manufacture eye catching Point-of-Purchase displays, E‑Commerce subscription packaging, and more.
Two black cardboard boxes with the text "MANLY MAN" and "FRAGILE" on the front. One box is open, displaying inner compartments perfect for organized packaging. The other shipping container is closed, positioned horizontally next to the open box.
A blue subscription box labeled "Serta marketing kit" featuring a cartoon sheep with wide eyes in the center. The Serta logo is on the left side in white and yellow.
A photo of an open brown cardboard shipping container with sharp graphics featuring the text "keleenleathers.com" and "KL" logos printed on the inside of the lid and the sides. The lid is slightly tilted back, revealing the interior of the package.
A black and brown cardboard box is open, displaying its interior. The package features the UrbanDaddy logo, a Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select label, and the warning "FRAGILE, DELICIOUS" with an arrow indicating "THIS SIDE UP" along with sharp graphics that emphasize its premium content.
A rectangular blue and white package of Elmer's Disappearing Purple Spray Adhesive. The lower part is blue, showcasing the Elmer's logo and product name with sharp graphics, while the upper part is white with perforations for easy opening.
A blue box featuring the text "Gorilla Mode" in white, accompanied by an illustration of a roaring gorilla head, resembles sleek packaging. The website "gorillamind.com" is printed on the side.
A stylized logo with an abstract design featuring blue geometric shapes forming a partial square on the left, and three ascending green horizontal bars on the right. The sharp graphics lend a modern, minimalistic look, perfect for sleek package branding.

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